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Welcome! We’re Vikki & Mala (otherwise known as V & M) and VeryMakeupMad was born out of our mutual love of makeup, skincare & all things beauty.

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Verymakeupmad5 days ago
So it’s finally 🙌 the weekend!!! And we’re delighted to say we’ve had a super busy week of creating skincare and makeup routines for our lovely beauty clients... Consulting for us just means more of what we love ❤️ And that’s talking about beauty products and how everyone should love the skin they're in!!! It’s our verymakeupmad mantra 🕉 to feel good and be lit 🔥 from within. Which means optimum care of you inside and out. So we don’t just talk topical beauty, we also suggest ingesting beauty supplements too... but not just any old brand we trial them all before we tell you all which one to use!!
So today’s pic includes some products we sent out to a client for herself and her daughter. We always listen to what our clients want to achieve and the types of formulations available. So we have put together a fab cleansing collection to deeply cleanse and reveal brighter skin.
Wishing you a dry and bright weekend and we will using a little extra hyaluronic acid as we’ve both got our heating on and dry skin is not our thing!!!
Got a beauty query...?
Then ask the #beautyexperts
M and V at your service for all things Beauty!!

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Verymakeupmad6 days ago
Throwback Thursday... Made you look, made you stare, thank the Lord we've ditched the glasses and hair!! 🤪 We're not trying to turn back time (can you blame us??!!), but we'd love to slow down the process!! We want our skin to look plump, youthful and hydrated... and we know the right products to use!
At Verymakeupmad we bring you supplements, lotions and age fighting potions... all a consultation away. Get to grips with your skincare routine and book online or by phone, to get personalised beauty products that will work for YOU!!
NB photos taken circa 1989 and haven't seen the light of day since!! 😳
And yes, maybe we should’ve gone to Specsavers

Verymakeupmad7 days ago
Bam! 💥 Bare faced and here to show you our skin that feels lit from within. We've both been taking Bare Biology Skinful collagen as a daily supplement for several weeks now and can honestly say that our skin is glowing and looking plumper and fresher. Don't be fooled by our glum expressions... they are simply the faces of mums each with a child off school because of covid🙄!
Find out more about Skinful here https://bit.ly/3kzmDZn

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