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Welcome! We’re Vikki & Mala (otherwise known as V & M) and VeryMakeupMad was born out of our mutual love of makeup, skincare & all things beauty.

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Verymakeupmad19 hours ago
We've got the 'Beauty Blues' today after waking to the news that one of our favourite makeup brands, BECCA Cosmetics is 'closing down' in September. We've always loved Becca's gorgeous, glow-giving, skin-enhancing products (they're very Verymakeupmad!)... not to mention cult items such as the magical Under Eye Brightening Corrector (fans of this... now's the time to stock up!) and the Bali Sands shade of Sunlit Bronzing Powder which is a must-have for all pale-skinned girls!
Feel free to get in touch for personalised Becca product recommendations and suggestions... drop us a line and we'll 'product you happy' while the brand is still available. And click this link - https://tidd.ly/2NBMVQc - to treat yourself to all your Becca favourites, with 20% off using code VERYMAKEUPMAD20.
Love & brilliant beauty that we'll miss terribly 😢!
M & V xxx
Verymakeupmad1 week ago
The Verdict.... So what do you think?
Wearing only our bespoke personalised foundation, tailor made by Dcypher , we’re totally delighted with the shade and flawless finish!! After the two Facebook lives, “The foundation Conversation” concluded that AI beauty technology works!! The lovely ladies who joined us and all got to trial the foundation, found that after a few tweaks they had the perfect shade. Now that’s got to be worth a look at. So if you missed our Facebook lives go check them out now and find out more about how the girls got on with the AI technology and using their phones to scan their faces. You can also hear from one of the brands founders, Claire who shares some words of beauty wisdom. She also explains how all the technology works to create you the perfect bespoke foundation shade and type of coverage.
So press the link at the bottom for more information and 10% off your foundation, so you too can have the AI beauty experience and fall in love with your perfect coverage.
Happy Friday!!


Verymakeupmad1 week ago
So many of you have been in touch since our Dcypher Foundation Conversation to ask about the gorgeous Bobbi Brown Cosmetics product that Mala showed... Well, here it is - the Illuminating Moisture Balm https://tidd.ly/2ZvUCcY
This has been a VeryMakeupMad favourite for a long time. In fact, since we embarked on our blogging & consultancy journey! It was one of the first products we recommended in our YouTube videos and since then, we know that lots of you have been enjoying using it. It comes in 3 'barely there' shades, and works beautifully on bare skin as an illuminating moisturiser, mixed in with your regular moisturiser for added radiance, under (or mixed with) your foundation to give it a gorgeous glow, and even patted over your makeup as a subtle highlighter. It also smells delicious. Having been out of stock for months, we're thrilled to have rediscovered it on LookFantastic. They are only stocking a cute small size, but take it from us - a little goes a long way!! It's £28, but £22.40 with our VERYMAKEUPMAD20 discount. And if you're already fans of this fab product, please let us know below!
Love & luminous skin,
V & M xx

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