And just like that… the summer’s over! For the 2 of us, that’s a double edged sword. Of course we’re sad that the holidays have finished, but at VeryMakeupMad we always look on the bright side and in our case, that’s the kids going back to school!! Woop woop. With 6 of the darlings between us, we’re in desperate need of some M and V – its all about the makeup – time! We’re craving the bright lights of the beauty halls, the inevitable makeup madness, and exciting, new Autumn launches. (V already has her eyes on the stunning new MAC Dazzleshadow Liquid Eye Shadow, £16.50.)

But before we talk new seasons and falling leaves, this is our August big beauty round up – the products that got us excited over the summer…

First up, our bodies. Admittedly we focus mostly on our faces at Verymakeupmad and getting “beach body fit” when you hit 40 can prove difficult, especially when we tend to spend more time exercising our ring fingers, tapping on eye creams, then we do exercising our bodies! However, we think we’ve found something pretty special in the Mio brand of body firming products. We can’t promise you a six-pack but we can assure you that after using them for a month, (as we have been), your skin will be smoother and firmer. M has been religiously applying the “Skin Tight” Body Serum, £23.60, with its cooling, tingling and tightening effects and gentle menthol scent all over. In fact she’s finding the whole experience rather addictive. Once the gel has dried you can apply your favourite body products on top (even sun creams if you’re hitting the beach).

V chose to slather on the “Boob Tube+”, Multi-Action Bust Cream, £23.60, that, tones, moisturises and protects the décolletage area. M secretly thinks that V is just trying relive the heady days of her youth spent at the Hacienda, when she wore an actual “boob tube” and danced the night away! We can both agree that these award winning products refresh, revive and improve the appearance of uneven skin tone. So we say whack some on your birthday suit and feel great in your skin!

V’s love affair with lipgloss was further indulged this summer, thanks to the arrival of Illamasqua Aura Multi Use Top Coat, £22. In fairness, this isn’t strictly a gloss (and it certainly doesn’t have the wetness or stickiness of a gloss). It’s a heavenly, shimmering, holographic cream that’s not just designed for the lips. Thanks to its non sticky formulation, it’s also meant to be worn on eyes and cheekbones, as we demonstrate below. As you can see, once applied, it’s quite lilac, so if you’re a lover of this shade, then this is definitely for you!

We must admit, we love the irridescent intensity of this product. It’s great for a special occasion, as it’s almost dreamlike in colour and brings a magical, dramatic shimmer to your face. On Instagram it’s known as #highlightingonfleek and at VeryMakeupMad we do like to keep up with the insta lingo!

Now that we’re back home and our Mediterranean holidays are behind us, we’re keen to maintain that sun-kissed, healthy glow! So we’ll both be reaching for the ByTerry Sun Designer Palette in Happy Sun, £47. This great, versatile palette contains powders to highlight, bronze and blush, and the beauty of it is (pun intended!!) that they can be used separately, or swirled together with a large, pouffy brush and applied all over the face. ByTerry powders are notoriously super-fine and not cakey and these fab palettes, that the brand brings out each year, are not to be missed!


A final mention must be made of our new lip obsession – Hurraw Lip Balms, £4.99. (V is not admitting to a total obsession, as they’re not glosses, but she does really like them!!) They’re totally natural, and suitable for vegans and with 22 balms in the range, with yummy flavours such as Green Tea, Papaya Pineapple and Pitta (wait, what??), there’s a balm for everyone! We love price and the ingenious shape of them too… just one, quick swipe and your lips are kissably soft for hours💋!


So that was August! Over in a flash. We can’t wait to discover what September has in store for us. We’ll be happy as long as there’s shimmer and glow aplenty! Although not so happy that we’ve finally had to put the heating and our sweaters back on (see below)!

Love and summers that last for months,

Vikki & Mala xx

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