Before we start this post, we must stress that we’re not calling any of you beauty fools. We’d never do that! But we thought it was high time we introduced you to a couple of brushes that we love (yes, even ‘I-only-ever-use-my-fingers-to-apply-makeup Vikki’!). Brushes that make life so much easier when it comes to your makeup.

As you know, we don’t have hundreds of different brushes in our makeup kits. One or two great bronzer and blusher brushes (Morphe Round Deluxe Powder Brush, £22, in case you’re interested), and a couple of small, stiff brushes for applying powder or gel colour as an eyeliner (Real Techniques Detail & Define Brush Set, £8.99). For precision and a more dramatic, less ‘everyday’ look (think ‘winged eyes’) brushes are a must! And M (yes, she’s ‘bonkers about blush’) is forever on the lookout for products and tools to indulge her blusher addiction. And the Morphe Curved Contour Brush, £15, is an ingenious brush that makes the application of blush (or bronzer, if you’re a fan of contouring) totally foolproof. Its ingenious, curved shape, and the perfect level of velvety stiffness, mean that it just hugs your cheekbones and deposits powder perfectly and evenly. This brush will give a ‘sculpted’ look, rather than a soft, rosy cheek, so if you really want to accentuate your cheekbones, you’ll love it! Just don’t forget to go easy on the powder and build up the colour slowly.

As for V, she’s totally hung up on the ‘diddy’ brush on the end of theBBB London Ultimate Arch Definer, £22. And she doesn’t even ‘do’ her brows! But if she did, this would be the only tool she’d reach for. The pencil gives the most natural, feathered finish and the brush (it feels sooo gorgeous and soft) just blends the colour through your brows in seconds, stopping you from seeing the pencil strokes. It’s honestly a pleasure to use.

So here we are, using both of these wonder tools in action! Press this link, sit back and enjoy!!

Love and foolproof beauty,

Vikki & Mala xx

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