Confession time…again! V has purchased 3 further lipglosses since our last blog (and still only owns 1 lipstick!), while M has splashed out on 1 new lipgloss (and still owns a handful of lipsticks!) But blush is M’s first love and no other make-up item comes close! Feeling naked without it, she couldn’t possibly hit the school run without a sweep of colour on her cheeks. And as for M’s daughter, NM, and V, who both insist that the blusher brush barely hits her face, M disagrees with them wholeheartedly. She insists she sweeps generously. But whether she’s VeryMakeupMad (with out the makeup!) … is a whole other post. One thing we can agree on though, is that M has an enviable collection of blushers.

A 1/3 of M’s blush collection

But before we delve into the joys of M’s blush addiction, let’s spare a moment for those 4 new lipglosses. Neither of us could resist the new, creamy Kevyn Aucoin lipgloss – Molten Lip Color in Pink Crystal, £22.  It’s the Cinderella of lip glosses – totally girly, metallic, sparkly and pink. V will wear it alone and M will use as a liptopper. As for V’s other 2 glosses – they’re Becca Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss in Rose Quartz x Seashell, £18, which is very similar to the Kevyn Auction, but hey, who’s counting?! – and Kiko 3D Hydra Lipgloss in 05, £5.50, because at that price, it would be rude not to!

V (left) wearing Becca, M wearing Aucoin 

Ok, so onto blush – the love of M’s (makeup) life. A pop of cheek colour. That essential, rosy glow. M insists every girl needs a blush for every season and clearly that’s her reason for owning so many (27 to be exact!). And with only the one face to apply them to, that’s her justification if her husband ever asks “why??”. In the summer, when she wears less layers of make-up, she’ll go for a sheer, pigmented, buildable powder to really bring her face to life. In the winter months, she opts for a liquid blush, giving a soft, natural look (piling on powders can be ageing and drying, as the product can sit in fine lines). Liquid blush is totally foolproof – simply tap it onto the apples of your cheeks, blending outwards onto the cheek bone. M loves the lightweight, creamy consistency of Glossier’s Cloud Paint, £15. It’s so easy to blend and you can build colour, so no need to worry about looking like Aunt Sally (and if you don’t know who she is, then boy, do we feel old!).

These 3 pinks create the most natural looking, flushed cheeks

M owns an array of pink and peachy blushers, some more shimmery or pigmented than others. They’re the result of many years of research. A labour of blush love! But she now knows what  works for her. She’s a firm fan of a soft, matte, peachy blush that gives an enviable ‘peaches and cream’ look, or the ‘no make up make look’, as it’s called today. But for a more everyday, ‘flushed’ look that suggests she’s been walking her pooch, she’ll go for a rosy pink. We both believe this is a must for any makeup wearer. If you’re a blush novice, we suggest you try Dior Rosy Glow, £32 – the ultimate pink blush!


M’s ultimates! Clockwise from top left: Tom Ford, Milani, Clinique, Glossier, Nars, Marc Jacobs

So here is M’s definitive blush collection. It took a while for her to choose just 6, so high five to V who managed to name her 6 all-time favourite lipglosses at lightning speed!

Marc Jacobs Air Blush in Lush and Libido, £28. This duo blends beautifully and looks so pretty on the skin. A soft, pigmented matte powder, it gives a great finish and don’t be put off by the the mauve tone- it stops the pink from looking ‘mumsy’. It’s a great, daytime blush that makes an impact with just one swipe.

Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop, £17. Popped on the apples of your cheeks, this sheer pink blush is perfect for creating a natural, youthful look. A more recent discovery of M’s, she loves the colour choices in the collection, although Berry Pop is her ‘go-to’ at the moment. Having said that, she also has her eyes on ‘Melon Pop’ – a gorgeous peachy coral.

Glossier Cloud Paint, £15. We can’t extol the virtues enough of these little tubes of loveliness. The texture is so creamy without any stickiness and it’s so easy to apply. Our favourite shades are Beam and Puff. Beam brings a warm apricot glow to your skin, whilst the bubble-gum pink of Puff creates the perfect, natural flush.

Tom Ford Sheer Cheek Duo in Paradise Lust, £59. This luxurious, elegant compact contains the two most beautiful shades of blush. M had her sights set on it as soon as it hit the beauty halls and she wasn’t disappointed. Use the shades alone or blend together – you can’t fail to fall in love. The sheer, shimmery, soft boudoir pink is the perfect highlighting blush against the finely-milled, intense coral shade. M loves the way it glides onto her skin like silk. *Newsflash!! Nars Blushes in Free Soul, £24, and Fetishized, £23, are perfect dupes for this duo and can be bought together for less than the Tom Ford!

Spot The Difference!

Nars Blush in Sex Appeal, £24.  This is the ultimate blush to create that peaches & cream look that M has already raved about. It illuminates the skin with a light and fresh glow, that’s only barely there.

Milani Baked Blush in Rosa Romantica, £10. This multi-purpose compact is a peachy-pink shade with swirls of shimmery bronze. M twirls her brush over it to mix the tones and applies to the cheek bone. This little gem has a hidden brush applicator and mirror too. It’s a great price and size, so M likes to use it on the go for makeup touch ups.

M’s favourite blush palettes. All are limited edition, as most palettes are (ggrrr!) so she uses sparingly!

And no makeup collection is complete without a few blush palettes. These guys give you instant versatility and a plethora of looks. M likes to use her palettes as multiples, sweeping the powders onto her eyes too. The beauty of a palette is that the matching tones work brilliantly together, helping to create a balanced, more professional look.

So that’s it for M’s cheeky choices. And don’t forget that at Verymakeupmad, we pride ourselves on finding the right products and shades for any skin tone. Put us to the test and email us – – with your beauty queries. Add a headshot and we’ll send you some personalised recommendations. And don’t forget to comment below with your favourite blushes. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks to all of you for all your lovely personal messages and emails on our previous posts – we’re always glad to help!

Love, flushed cheeks & a pop of colour,

She’s just a cheeky girl!!




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