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OK, it’s confession time. Last year, ‘Love Island’ virgin, V, decided to tune in to the reality show to see what all the fuss was about… fully expecting to hate it. But she was immediately caught – hook, line and sinker! Having previously turned her nose up at such TV nonsense, there was something about it that she simply couldn’t resist. (M, on the other hand is pleased to say that she has never and will never, dabble in Love Island!).

Fast forward a year and V now knows what a commitment the show is, and that June is going to be a month of very late nights (her husband, B refuses to watch it with her, so she stays up late after he’s already hit the sack, to watch it alone! No judgement please!). So in preparation, she spent May on the lookout for great products to help her look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning! And she definitely thinks she’s found them.

First on her May must-have list is Lumene Nordic C Arctic Berry Cocktail Brightening Hydra-Oil, £29.90. Not only is it the prettiest face oil you’ll ever see (from first sight, she knew she had to have it), but V is loving the ingredients and philosophy behind this great Finnish brand. Lumene products are all vegan, cruelty free and contain no parabens or other ‘nasties’. Instead they’re full of Nordic ingredients including Arctic Spring Water and Arctic Cloudberry which contains very high concentrations of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. As you already know, we’re big fans of vitamin C in skincare at VeryMakeupMad… it’s an anti-ageing powerhouse, and regular use on the skin, promotes a clear, bright, even and glowing complexion. Shake up this Lumene cocktail to mix the two layers and then apply the light oil to skin (morning and/or night) before your moisturiser. It nourishes and hydrates even the driest skin (dehydrated V can vouch for this!) and smells lovely and fruity too!

V has also been very impressed with her latest foundation discovery (which hides a multitude of late night TV bingeing sins!!). Ciate London has launched its first foundation – Extraordinary Foundation, £28 – and V thinks it’s pretty special. It reminds her of cult classic, Estee Lauder Doublewear, in terms of coverage. But it gives a more radiant, glowy finish and skin is kept cushiony soft and hydrated all day, thanks to the addition of hyaluronic acid and squalene. It claims to keep skin looking flawless and luminous for 16 hours… V hasn’t put that to the test yet, but will report back when she does!

And lastly for V, she’s been trying out Paula’s Choice Defense Nightly Reconditioning Moisturiser, £27. With plant and superfood – based ingredients and antioxidants to repair and strengthen skin, it also neutralises the effects of air and blue-light pollution (essential for V and her late-night Internet trawling, looking for Love Island related trivia). It’s got all the elements of a really great night cream and V loves the Paula’s Choice brand (if you haven’t tried it, you really should). The only downside for her is that it’s not rich enough – it’s light and silky and if you have oily or combination skin, you’ll love it. Unfortunately, V needs something a bit thicker (although she’ll use it again when the weather really hots up, as she prefers lighter textures in the summer).

As for M, well all this talk of Islands has seen her dreaming of heading to her own private island… and so she’s been busy getting ready for the onset of summer. Pale, pasty and wintery arms and legs are not an option, so she’s been hitting the self-tan in an effort to have golden and glowy limbs. Top of the list is St Tropez Whipped Marshmallow Bronzing Mousse, £31, which is exclusive to Lookfantastic. The brilliant mousse formulation hasn’t changed (we both love it for a super quick, streak free, natural looking tan) but the scent has. As the name suggests it smells of marshmallow – or toasted marshmallow to be exact. All sweet and delicious and not a hint of the usual tell-tale self tan smell. Ms husband thought she smelt a bit like a doughnut after applying it. But she’ll take that!

And it wouldn’t be a typical month here at Verymakeupmad without M road testing a new blush! Admittedly, she’s had her eye on TooFaced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow, £24, for some time, but always talked herself out of buying it, because it’s a bit too cutesie/gimmicky/more-suited-to-her-teen-daughter looking in its heart shaped packaging! But she finally caved in and is so pleased she did. The 3 individual shades are shimmery (but not glittery) and give such a pretty radiance to the face. You can either use separately or swirl together for the loveliest flush of pink colour. In true M style, she has been applying as eyeshadow too and is especially keen on the bright, bubblegum shade! The only hazard for M of buying TooFaced is that her daughter is now fighting her for it! V’s got a feeling M will win!

As ever, comment below and let us know what you’re loving right now. And get in touch for bespoke beauty advice and product suggestions.

Love & Love Island Mania,

Vikki & Mala xx

  1. Thank you so much Carla!!!! We’d love to be your new addiction… we’re all about spreading the Verymakeupmad love😜 Lots of exciting new posts coming soon – watch this space!!! 😘😘

  2. ❤️💄❤️
    All sounds amazing, particularly like the sound of V’s new find with the Nordic (forgot name) oil, also intriguing to here M’s loving St Tropez especially as I’ve been reading so much about the new to me Tanning Oils I’ve been toying with “Nuxe” if my memory serves me correctly 😳🤷🏼‍♀️.
    However I could live with the idea of smelling like Marshmallows!

    Just love all of your posts I think Verymakeupmad is about to become my new addiction 😎

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