Best new haircare products to moisturise and volumise…for smooth, sleek, shiny hair!

It’s a wonder we’ve never done a ‘haircare blog’ before. Especially considering the fact that our hair totally defines us and was essentially what brought us together in the first place (if you’ve never read our About Us page, go check it out. It’s amazing how many conversations (and indeed friendships) are begun by asking the simple question “which products do you use on your hair?”).

This blog does not just focus on curls…although that’s obviously what we do best! Instead we’re bringing you some of the best haircare products that we’ve recently discovered, all of which provide moisture, shine and frizz-fighting properties to our parched curls, but which work equally brilliantly to revitalise straight, wavy and generally misbehaving hair too! As we age, we’re on a constant quest for moisture…from head to toe! So no matter the type/texture of your hair, we’re all in it together! These products all promise to revitalise, nourish and be kind to our tresses. All are available at Lookfantastic, and don’t forget when purchasing you can use our 20% discount code VERYMAKEUPMAD20.

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First, V’s new obsession… John Masters Organics Hair Milk, £22, which is actually not a milk, but more of a cream. The scent of this is totally intoxicating – it makes V feel as though she’s walked into a spa every time she catches a whiff of it, and when she has it on her hair, she can smell the delicious scent throughout the day. She uses on dry hair in between washes, to reduce that annoying layer of frizz and add moisture and shine. It can also be used to style hair when wet and acts as a great leave-in hydrating treatment and revitalises dull, dry hair. It also provides protection from the elements and pollution. It’s a must-have for your locks (watch M using it in the video)!

As for M, her latest squeeze is the brilliant Shea Moisture range (we also love its ‘back story’). Admittedly, if your hair is poker straight these might not be the products for you. But for anyone with curls and/or a sensitive scalp, these organic products which are free from all chemical ‘nasties’, will definitely impress. Plus they’re very reasonably priced too. M is particularly keen on the Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo, £10.99 (see above, the bottle is empty and she’s off to buy some more!) and Conditioner, £10.99, which tame her curls, smell delicious and don’t leave her hair feeling ‘weighed-down’… just bouncy, soft, nourished and manageable.

When it comes to haircare classics, it’s hard to beat Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, £19. This is THE haircare treatment for stronger, healthier hair and we defy anyone not to love it. It’s a pre-shampoo cream and even from the very first treatment, you’ll notice a difference in the condition of your hair and how bouncy, shiny, soft and great it feels. If you’ve never tried it before, grab yourself a smaller size (this goes for lots of haircare brands… loads of them do ‘minis’) or go for the Nourish & Volume Jet Set pack, £29.50, with the Elasticizer plus a Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s great value for money! And if you use our discount, it’s even better (£23.61) ! Woop woop!!

Our final find (and a particular favourite of M’s very straight-haired daughter, NM) is Super Natural Shampoo, £18 from We Are Paradoxx – an environmentally and socially-conscious, Irish haircare brand. This shampoo smells ‘zingy’, fresh and uplifting and leaves hair squeaky clean, but not stripped of oils or moisture. Hair is left looking glossy and healthy and feeling its best. Just how we like it.

Remember to get in touch and let us help you find the right haircare for your tresses!! When it comes to hair products, trust us, we’ve tried them all!

Love and luscious locks,

Vikki & Mala xx

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  1. Hi V & M
    I’m guessing it’s my age 😥😥 but my hair which has always been fine & straight, also colour treated (blonde) has started to become oiler as well as my scalp becoming really itchy!

    I’ve just switched to Green People products but it’s too early to tell!

    Any great words of wisdom would as always be gratefully received.

    Many Thanks

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