When it comes to our makeup routines, we tend to be in sync. For the most part, we do the same thing to our faces in the morning. With one exception. M ‘does’ her brows and V doesn’t. M likes to fill in her brows where they look sparse, thanks to some over-enthusiastic plucking in her twenties. V has never worried too much about her brows and – rightly or wrongly – tends to leave them be.

Despite V’s disinterest in brow grooming, she couldn’t help but be excited by the BBB London (Blink Brow Bar) products that recently landed in her lap. (It’s fair to say they’re the authority on brows and lashes). Although admittedly not as excited as M, who did a little victory dance!

Here’s a quick vid of us using some of the hero products in the brand. A special shoutout must go to the fab Conceal & Lift,£19, that ingeniously highlights and enhances the eye area and can also be used to hide dark circles and any imperfections (that’s spots to you and us!).

We’re also super impressed with the angular Ultimate Arch Definer, £22, which is an amazing brow pencil, available in 7 shades and complete with a velvety soft brush. Even V is tempted to make it a daily staple, just because it’s so pleasing to use!

A final mention should be made of the Luscious Lash Oil, £18, which is an overnight conditioning and strengthening treatment for your lashes… it’s basically a nourishing concoction of oils that’s applied with a mascara wand. We love it, especially M who has been conditioning her lashes for years. And it shows!

So enjoy watching our tutorial and as ever don’t forget to comment and let us know what you think.

Love and perfectly groomed brows,

Vikki & Mala xx

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