OK, it’s time we came clean. Yes, we’re Verymakeupmad – mad about all things makeup, unable to keep our hands off blush, mascara, foundation, highlighter, eyeshadow… you name it, we’re addicted to it. But we both have a confession to make. V first. Although she’s Verymakeupmad, she only owns 1 lipstick! Yes, shock horror, just 1. And then there’s M. No matter how much make-up she seems to pile on her freckled skin (and she swears blind she’s caked in it!), neither V, nor M’s daughter NM, can ever tell she’s wearing any! She’s Verymakeupmad…without the makeup!

Now, before you decide that we’re a couple of frauds, please keep reading. Because we can assure you that V never leaves the house with naked lips. Ever. She’s a certified lipgloss addict. She currently has more than 40 on the go (although if her husband, B, is reading this, then she doesn’t!). And as for M – you should see her make-up drawers. They’re spilling over with products. Mostly blushes. That’s her addiction. She can’t get enough of them. So lipgloss and blush – that’s what V and M are mostly about! Stick us on a desert island, and V would be perfectly glossy thanks to her trusty Chanel Coco Rouge Gloss, while M would be regularly sweeping on Marc Jacobs Air Blush in Lush & Libido. If we were rescued, we’d look fab!

Some of V’s favourite glosses


Let’s start with V (you’ll have wait till next time to hear about M). Wearing gloss makes V  happy. It gives her a certain confidence. It shimmers and shines on her lips in the way that a lipstick could only ever hope to. Gloss gives her lips a fullness, a sheen and in her opinion, the most flattering finish. When her lips feel dry, it’s a pleasure to apply gloss. It’s creamy and comforting. She could apply it blindfolded, in a darkened room and not make a mistake with it, like she could with lipstick. It doesn’t leave embarrassing marks on teeth, it doesn’t bleed into fine lines or require the use of a lipliner (although M would disagree as she advocates wearing lipliner with any lip product – including vaseline). Plus lots of lipglosses smell yummy! What’s not to love?

And here’s a few more…

V’s tried lipsticks in the past. She honestly has. But she always feels a bit grown up wearing them. And no matter which shade she goes for, she always feels wrong. Too made up. Too ‘done’. Too ‘mumsy’. And she’s convinced that the colour doesn’t match her eyeshadow or cheek colour. Gloss is lighter, softer on the lips, less of a statement and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. If she chooses a bold, coloured gloss (as opposed to her signature dusky pink), it still works. She always and only opts for glosses with shimmery particles – that’s a must – whether it’s the most delicate, pearlised finish or full-on glitter. Because once the gloss part has worn off the lips, there’s always a sparkling, reflective residue left behind. The illusion of still gleaming, luscious lips.

The twinkliest of V’s glosses

Before you jump up and down ranting about hair getting stuck to glossy lips on windy days, hear V out. She’s done her research over the last couple of decades and can definitely sort the sticky glosses from the non-sticky. And with the recent-ish arrival of twinkly lip toppers on the market, which are totally different in texture to glosses and much ‘drier’, hair-stuck-to-lips syndrome is a thing of the past. And V says tie your hair back if you’re that bothered. Stop moaning and pout!


Oooh la la lipgloss!

So here it is – V’s ultimate lipgloss list. She’s tried pretty much every gloss on the market over the years and these are her favourites. Her ‘holy grail’ of non-sticky, long-lasting shimmering glosses:

. Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss, £26. The gloss that V has worn since the beginning of her obsession, and which she chose to wear on her wedding day (although there wasn’t much kissing, as that’s the downside of gloss – poor V’s husband. But he still said yes!) Admittedly, back then it was known as Chanel Levres Scintillantes. Creamy, long-lasting and utterly desirable, this gloss had it all. Last year Chanel reformulated their glosses (how could they?) and changed the name, but we’re happy to report that they’re every bit as good – if not, better – than the original.

.Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss, £24. Boasting a fab range of shades (we love Shock, a dazzling, irridescent pink) and with a moisturising and light texture, this gloss also plumps lips to give extra va-va-voom!

. Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss, £22. This gloss smells deliciously minty and has a very slight tingle when you apply. Gorgeous and shimmery, it conditions lips and lasts for hours. V’s shade is ‘Pastel 12’, while M is a fan of ‘Bare Sparkle’.

.Clinique Long Last Glosswear, £17.50, A gloss that really does do what it says on the tin – it lasts for a long time. It feels lovely and light on lips and isn’t sticky. ‘First Date’ is a natural, pearlised pink.

. Guerlain Gloss D’enfer, £24. This is V’s nighttime gloss…when she’s off out on the tiles, this gloss feels more pigmented and luxurious than her others. Her shade is La Petite Robe Noire and once applied, it stays on for hours.

. Jouer Long Wear Lip Topper, £13.50. Less gloss, more liquid sparkle, this beauty smells of vanilla ice cream (M reckons it’s caramel) and whether worn alone or over a lipstick (not V, obviously!) it gives the most incredible, mirror-like shine. V loves ‘Rose Gold’. And speaking of Lip Toppers, V recently bought Becca Liquid Crystal Lip Topper Glow Gloss , £18, and is totally in love!


Glosses from L-R: Clinique Long Last Glosswear in First Date; Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss in Pastel 12; Becca Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss in Rose Quartz x Seashell; Jouer Lip Toppers in Rose Gold & Funfetti; Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in So Real; Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss in Subtil; Guerlain Gloss d’enfer in La Petite Robe Noire



V can’t see her lipgloss love-affair ending any time soon. But admittedly she does feel the pressure to fall for a lipstick. Lipsticks are definitely more Instagram-able and seem to be a more popular choice among beauty bloggers and the like. She stands firm with her belief that gloss wins over lipstick, but she does yearn to be converted to the joys of lipstick. So she bought this sweater. It’s a start…


Now M is hoping to find a similar ‘blush’ sweater, but it’s not looking hopeful, and to be honest, she’s not really looking that hard! Our next post will detail all of her favourite blush products, so don’t miss it!

And now over to you. Please comment below and let us know your lip preference. We’re always on the lookout for a new lip lovely…

Love, gloss and make-up addictions,

Ps. In case you’re wondering, V’s one and only lipstick is Tom Ford Boys & Girls Metallic Lip Colour in ‘Douglas’, £29. Here she is being persuaded by M to try a more vibrant colour…

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