Buff, prep and nourish your body to summer-ready, golden skin.

Let’s talk skin! 365 days a year at Verymakeupmad HQ, we’re committed to looking after our faces… we use serums, oils, peeling pads, masks, vitamin C, SPF, moisturisers. You name it, we try it. But we both hold our hands up (in shame!) and admit that we often neglect the skin from our necks downwards. It’s not a conscious neglect, but living as we do in ‘Blighty’, our skin is hidden away for so many months of the year, that it gets forgotten about and isn’t a priority.
But come this time of year, and we always regret this bad behaviour, especially when the sun pops its head out for all of 24 minutes and we spy a fellow mummy at the school gates with smooth, golden legs. Admittedly, we’re seething inside and kicking ourselves for once again never being prepped for the summer season. After months of not seeing the light of day, our pale, pasty (not to mention, dry and scaly) limbs really do need some TLC. And we’re sure you can all relate!

So today we’re bringing you our must-have summer products to get skin in tip top condition and looking its very best and ready to receive those sunny rays.
V has suffered from Keratosis Pilaris for as long as she can remember – the small, totally harmless, but unsightly and rough bumps that generally appear on the backs of arms and thighs (she has dry, ‘bumpy’ skin on her lower legs too). She’s always been hugely self-conscious, but until very recently had never found a product to transform her skin. But that’s all changed. Enter Ameliorate, the skincare brand that’s dedicated to dealing with KP (and generally dry skin) and guarantees bump-free, baby-soft, smooth limbs thanks to ingredients such as Lactic Acid. She swears by the Smoothing Body Exfoliant, £17.50, which she uses a couple of times a week – it’s important to apply to the skin when dry, wait a few moments and then shower off. And after her shower, she slathers on the Transforming Body Lotion, £22.50 which is honestly a ‘hero’ product. Use it twice daily (we know… it’s a commitment. But oh so worth it!) for the first month, and after that, you can use just once a day.

Once your skin is feeling and looking healthier, check out Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish, £29.95 – it’s basically blurring makeup in a variety of shades for your arms and legs (and anywhere else you fancy!). And it works a treat. It instantly transforms pale, mottled skin, hides veins and blemishes, evens out the skin tone and even helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite (we can’t vouch for that… we haven’t used it that high up our legs!!). We both trialled it recently when we had to get our pins out at a summer party and were super impressed with the totally natural, golden (and ever-so-slightly shimmering) glow it gives to skin and the fact that once dry, it won’t transfer onto clothes or furniture. We tried… all in the name of research. But it washes off at the end of the night with a bit of soap and some rubbing!

And finally, when it comes to being beach-ready, we prep our skin with Gatineau Tan Accelerating Lotion, £41. It’s not a cheap option, but you get a huge vat of lotion and it will definitely last you for a couple of summers. We received it last year from LookFantastic, and M used it religiously every day for 2 weeks before she went away, every evening during her hols, and for a couple of weeks after (V was not quite as disciplined. She just kept forgetting!). It preps your skin for the sun by boosting melanin and kick-starting the tanning process before you’ve even set foot on the plane! Then once you start to tan, it helps to nourish and hydrate skin (plus it smells gorgeous) and prolong your golden, holiday glow. It doesn’t contain SPF or self tan, so don’t confuse it with either of these products. It’s basically a great way of being ready for the sun, especially if you’re very pale, like V, and you have skin that misbehaves in the sun. M thinks a product like this, although time-consuming, was well worth the effort, and since she still has a fair amount left, is starting the regime again in a few weeks.
So that’s it for our summer body must-haves! For more info and some Verymakeupmad beauty bytes about these fab products, we have, as always created a vlog, so head over to our Youtube channel at the bottom of this site (https://youtu.be/AGu7eHbcy34) or Facebook page now, to tune in. And if none of these products float your boat, you’ll at least find out all about this Funkin Cocktail Mixer. Just add rum…

We’re off to bring in the washing, because apparently June in London equals frequent torrential downpours and putting the central heating back on!
Love and Lust For Summer,
Vikki & Mala xx

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