You know the old saying “too much of a good thing…”? Well, sometimes at Verymakeupmad we’re guilty of feeling like that. We trial so many different products, that very (and we stress, ‘very’) occasionally they lose their lustre and appeal. Not so with the exciting new products that recently landed on the doorstep of Verymakeupmad Towers. These products had us cartwheeling round in glee (slight exaggeration… we can both just about manage a forward roll)! We received a delivery of anti-ageing skincare from cult brand, MGC Derma. We’d been wanting to road-test these luxury products for a while. And why we hear you ask? Because they harness the amazingly beneficial properties of CBD (cannabidoil), which has become something of a buzzword in the beauty industry. It’s definitely having a ‘beauty moment’. And rightly so. M’s mother, A, has been going on about its healing properties for years since her hippy days, so we say to A, all good things come to those that wait (patiently!) .

In case you’re wondering, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound derived from the Cannabis plant. With medical Cannabis having been recently legalised here in the UK, sales of products containing this wonder ingredient have never been higher (pardon the pun). And for good reason. CBD has long been proven to heal, rejuvenate, and calm, as well as boost moisture levels in the skin, and even control sebum (bye bye acne!). It’s skincare’s most powerful ally.

MGC Derma uses the highest quality Cannabidoil and comprises 3 ranges – Anti-ageing (yes please!), Essentials (to maintain great skin, always) and Derma Plus (products to work on acne, on sensitive skin and/or flaking skin). Before we even dipped in, we were impressed – the streamline packaging, the concise, no-nonsense directions, and the ‘use before’ dates on their bottoms! It’s a very clever brand, with pure but potent products.

We wasted no time in putting them to use. And the results have really wowed us. V’s typically dry skin (especially in the winter months) has never felt softer and people seem to have noticed, with friends commenting that her skin looks ‘great’, ‘clear’ and ‘flawless’. She’s been using the CBD Stem Cells & Hyaluronic Serum, £80, religiously at night, in place of her trusty Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. It’s a slightly thicker consistency than a regular serum, but sinks in quickly, ready for V to apply her night cream. Which is currently the CBD Stem Cells & Algae All Night Cream, £80. This beautifully rich cream also sinks in quickly, and doesn’t leave her skin feeling sticky when she hits the pillow (her pet peeve). In the morning, her skin is nourished, hydrated and ‘younger looking’.

M is rather taken with the CBD & Hyaluronic Facial PH Balance Toner £38. It’s foaming, you see, and rather fun to squirt out of its pump dispenser. It doesn’t have the consistency of a regular toner – it’s silky and hydrating and leaves skin ever so slightly tacky for a few seconds. But she’s been using it twice daily (applying with her fingers, not a cotton wool pad) and can definitely see the benefits as her skin appears clearer, firmer and nourished.

M is also a self-confessed Eye Cream queen – she can’t go to bed without tapping some onto her orbital bone from inner corner outwards (with her ring finger). The CBD Stem Cells & Peptides Eye Cream, £65, is quickly absorbed and gives a fresh and tightening sensation. We prefer a pump dispenser for an eye cream so maybe we’ll have a word with the ‘powers that be’ at MGC derma… although the potency is perfect!

We’ve both also tried out the CBD BB Concealer Repair Cream, £60. Yes, this seems a lot of money for a BB cream, but it’s something special. Admittedly, M hasn’t continued to use it, as she doesn’t love the way it evens out her skin (her freckles strike again!! She’s decided she’s looks best when they’re left to show off, in all their freckly glory, not when they’re concealed and blurred). But V is very taken with this bb cream. She applies it alone (when she’s feeling brave) and it instantly evens out her skin and makes it glow. Or she applies it under her regular foundation, as it makes a wonderful make up base… all the while imparting its rejuvenating skincare properties.

A final mention must be made of the CBD Herbal Repair Cream, £90, which V gave to her husband, B, to help with a patch of eczema on his leg. It’s definitely helped with any itching, irritation and flakiness, and even ever-sceptical B, is impressed! So whilst we think the price tag is rather hefty, we can’t argue with the results and a little goes a long way!

For more information on MGC Derma or for personal product recommendations, don’t forget to email us at We’re always here to help and there are many more products in the range to discover. It’s just a shame that we each only have 1 face to test them on!

Love & beauty buzzwords,

Vikki & Mala xx

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