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Hello 2019! Yes, we know we’re a little late with our New Year wishes, but we’ve been busy with lots of exciting VeryMakeupMad projects (watch this space!) and besides, time flies when you’re at the cold face of beauty, roadtesting face masks and highlighters galore!! Oh, and M’s been having her kitchen painted…

Anyway, no great surprises for the new year…M is still bonkers about blush and V is still loopy about lipgloss! M’s had her eye on the Urban Decay Backtalk palette, £39.50, for some time now, but has finally taken the plunge. And wishes she’d done it sooner! The four blush/highlighter shades in soft, muted tones are flattering and very wearable. She’s hung up on the peachy pink, Low Key. As for the coordinating eyeshadows, they’re velvety soft, beautifully pigmented and work well day or night (try using wet for a more intense finish). And don’t get M started on the removable mirror. She can’t get enough of it!

Admittedly, V has surprised herself and invested in a great nude lipstick. Lipstick will never take lipgloss’s place in V’s heart, but she had the niggling feeling that she was somehow missing out. The whole world’s gone mad over nude lips! And along came Lipstick Queen Truth Or Bare lipstick, £22, part of the ‘Nothing But The Nudes’ collection. It’s a ‘suits-all’ nude with just a hint of pink and a lovely, creamy formulation that doesn’t dry the lips or make them feel ‘tight’. She’s very impressed with this lippie…it’s even won  a coveted spot in her makeup bag, which says it all! And if you’re thinking about buying this, please use our discount code “VERYMAKEUPMAD20” to get 20% off (£17.60)

Head over to our Facebook page now, to watch our accompanying vlog, showcasing both products. 

Love and January nudes (not blues!)

Vikki & Mala xx

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