M isn’t much of a foundation wearer – it’s her freckles, you see. Foundation doesn’t quite ‘work’ with them. So a dab here and there, and a little bit applied instead of concealer, is about as much as M goes for. V on the other hand, is a foundation lover, although it has to be light, liquid and guaranteed to give a glow.

M (left) wearing minimal foundation and V wearing her trusty, lightweight serum foundation, Perfectionist

So how would us VeryMakeupMad girls get on with the iconic Estée Lauder Doublewear Stay-in-Place Makeup, £32.50 – the UK’s best-selling foundation? Its strap line is ‘Stay-in-place’ makeup, claiming to stay put for an impressive 24 hours (yikes – not for us, we could never go to bed without taking off our face!), and promising a totally flawless finish, with a ‘medium’ coverage (we would normally opt for ‘light’). It launched back in 1997 when we had both just turned 20 and when foundation was the furthest thing from our minds. It was all festivals and the Hacienda back then (check out our previous Natasha Denona blog/vlog for more on this)!!

But roll on 2018 and the original Doublewear is now available in 50 shades – yes, you read that right…50! – in four different formulations (more about those in a moment) and given that we’re now both in our 40s, and our skin needs a little more makeup ‘assistance’ than it used to, we’re giving it a whirl.

The Doublewear range – loving it all

But before we do, here’s the lowdown on all the Double Wears in the range. Double Wear Nude is available in 33 shades and is a much lighter version of the original, giving a fresh, glowing finish; Double Wear Light is the most sheer and natural looking (think tinted moisturiser) and Double Wear Maximum Cover Makeup promises a heavy coverage and will hide everything from scars and birthmarks to sun spots and varicose veins.

Four different formulations – something for everyone!

So here we are trying out the original Double Wear. V, as ever, is applying with her fingers (isn’t that what they’re there for?!), while M is using her trusty brushes for a more precise and professional finish. Our verdict…well you’ll have to watch and see! Click the link below:


SPOILER ALERT…go on then, we’ll tell you what we think. We both agree that our skin looked absolutely flawless afterwards (great for photos!) and it stayed put until we removed it that night. Very impressive. V would have liked more of a ‘glow’ (cue the addition of highlighting drops!) and M wouldn’t use all over her face again (V now sees what M means about foundation not quite working on a freckled face – it masks the freckles, but doesn’t hide them completely, and somehow it’s very obvious that you’re wearing makeup) However, in terms of flawless makeup that doesn’t feel at all heavy or ‘cakey’, we’re both sold. This is definitely the start of a ‘Double Wear Affair’ and a beautiful relationship. Although, we may be tempted to stray and go for Double Wear Light behind Double Wear’s back!!

Love & flawless finishes,

Vikki & Mala xx

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