And we thought June was hot! Well, we can safely that that July was even hotter. It was makeup-meltingly unbearable. It was too hot even to talk beauty – and that’s saying something for VeryMakeupMad. But not surprising really, given that V was spending her days researching ‘coldest places on earth to live’, and M could mostly be found hanging out in the freezer aisle of our local Waitrose. This was officially our first VeryMakeupMad beauty crisis. And everyone knows that desperate times call for… new blusher! Well, that’s always been M’s mantra, anyway! The only thing that could put a smile on her (permanently perspiring!) face was Illamasqua Colour Veil, £20. M couldn’t resist the ‘boingy-ness’ of it (you have to touch it, to understand it). This pretty, jelly-like, cream blush can be applied with fingers or a buffing brush and gives the most natural flush of colour.

Never one to miss out, V decided that she needed a new blusher too. It might just drag her out of her overheated slump. She went for a powder blush, though – the super girly, bow and star-embellished Ciate London Glow To Illuminating Blush, £22. It’s the perfect, matte, rosy pink shade (it’s called ‘Pinch Me’), swirled with a shimmering highlighter. It blends beautifully and is easy to build up, giving an instant, radiant glow.

Ciate London Glow To Illuminating Blush – the prettiest blush we ever did see!!


Back to the heatwave, and we’ve been struggling to keep our makeup in place. That is we were, until the new Bobbi Brown ‘Primer Plus’ primers fell into our laps. The Primer Plus Mattifier, £24, helps to control oil, blurs pores and keeps makeup looking perfect and lasting all day…even in this weather. And if it’s sun protection you’re concerned about, check out the Primer Plus Radiance SPF35, £24, which works as the perfect summer makeup base. Not only is skin protected, but it glows (without looking greasy) and makeup glides on over the top.

Protect & prime with Bobbi Brown

We’re both off on our family hols soon -woop woop! – so our thoughts have turned to our beach bodies (yikes!). We’re trying out Gatineau Tan Accelerating Lotion, £49, applying it religiously at night in the run up to our travels, to prepare our skin for the sun and boost and prolong tanning. Admittedly, V never tans, but she’s hoping this wonder product will help her to stop burning and make tanning possible, as the melanin in her skin is boosted. The idea is to use this lotion for 2 weeks before, during and after sun exposure. And if all else fails, it smells yummy and it’s making our skin feel super soft.

Clean the day – and your cares! – away

We’ll be packing Darphin Illuminating Micellar Cleanser, £29, which literally melts away makeup and any dirt or grime. We’re both really impressed with this gel cleanser, that turns light and oily when applied to the skin and leaves it clean, soft and bright. Ordinarily, neither of us are fans of face washes that require water, as we find them to be drying. But this is the exception…and we’re both hooked! And if like us, you don’t love splashing water on your face (hair, bathroom floor etc!!) then get your hands on a pack of Pestle & Mortar Face Cloths, £13.50, which when wet (and thoroughly squeezed out), promise to wipe and swipe the day away!


Super duper waterproof mascara!

Also in our suitcases, will be our trusty Eyeko Beach Waterproof Mascara, £ 15.20. We love the wave shaped brush of this ‘game-changer’ mascara, which brilliantly lifts, lengthens and curls lashes. It conditions them too thanks to coconut oil and it also contains sunscreen. And we’ve done the waterproof test (we basically chucked a glass of water at each other! Oh the fun we have at VeryMakeupMad Towers!!) and can confirm that it’s totally swimming pool proof!

Puckering up for National Lipstick Day with Urban Decay


That’s all for July. Except to say…did you know that July 29th was National Lipstick Day? To be honest, we were hoping for National Gloss Day instead, but apparently that’s not a ‘thing’. But if we had to choose just one lipstick to keep in our kit, it would be Urban Decay Comfort Matte Vice Lipstick in Backtalk, £13.20. It’s creamy and feels nourishing on the lips and Backtalk is a great, mauvey nude that seems to suit all.

July Lips & Cheeks all sorted




All of the products we’ve raved about here here can be bought on the LookFantastic website (don’t forget, we’re part of their Beauty Set – yay!). Order online today and use the code LF15 to get 15% off. What are you waiting for?


Please comment below and let us know which products you’re loving this summer…and if the heatwave continues, you might just find that next time we check in, Verymakeupmad will come to you live from Oymyakon, Siberia – the world’s coldest place to live!

Love & happy holiday vibes,

Vikki & Mala xx


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  1. I was waiting for sweaty post. I am going to get the waterproof mascara and long for the illuminating glow. You two seem to remain poreless even in this unsociable heat.

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