When Natasha Denona makeup first appeared on our beauty radar (yes, at Verymakeupmad we can spot a great product at 100 paces!), we knew it was a brand to watch. Beautiful, girly, pink packaging (the Diamond & Glow Palette springs to mind) and formulations and shades ‘to die for’… Natasha Denona products are definitely a splurge, but it’s easy to justify investing in them! Or so we tell ourselves…

We’re both proud owners of the said Diamond & Blush Palette (picture above)- a supersized blush and highlighter palette (some might say it’s too big…and there are certainly a couple of the glittery shades that we never reach for) that gets our pulses racing whenever we use it. But the brand new Bloom Blush & Glow palette, £51, has turned our heads. Not only is it smaller and therefore more portable, but the 4 colours inside are so pretty, pigmented, versatile and buildable, that – for now, at least – all other blush palettes pale in comparison. M bought hers first (after all, she’s the ‘Blusher Queen’ of the 2 of us) and V literally had sleepless night when all she could think about was the palette and the gorgeous looks she could create with it. M did offer to share (she’s nicer than V like that!), but this only spurred V on to buy her own. So she caved in, took herself off to Selfridges, and now we both have one in our makeup kits!

Admittedly, this palette is very ‘instagrammable’… but isn’t that the route most cosmetic companies are going down these days – making things look as pretty and photogenic as possible? But that’s a whole other blog post. But this palette is just as good in the flesh. The colours inside are truly stunning. And if you’re a fan of glowing, dewy skin, then Natasha Denona is undoubtedly the brand for you (steer clear if you’re a matte fanatic!). The ‘Cream Blush’ is the dark, berry shade, which might strike fear into the heart of a ‘natural makeup’ girl. But believe us when we say it blends out into the most glorious shade of pink with a subtle shammer. Although don’t be too heavy handed with it…a little goes a very long way (V found out the hard way!). And because it’s a cream, it works beautifully on lips too, creating a gorgeous ‘I’ve-just-been-eating-cherries’ shade!

The Glow Cream Base is a peachy, golden highlighter blush that looks great on the eyelids or when dabbed onto the cheeks over the top of the Cream Blush that we’ve mentioned above. It gives the skin a beautiful radiance, but also tones down the pink colour of the blush, in case it’s too full-on for you.

The two ND embossed shades are the powder ‘Glows’. They’re silky soft and give a beautiful golden, coral sheen. M loves to apply to her eyelids and to highlight her cupid’s bow. V is yet to disturb the embossed pattern! She needs a bit more time!

Press play to watch the palette in action!

And as ever, comment below or email us at hello@verymakeupmad.co.uk for personalised product suggestions!

Love and Blooming’ Blush, 

Vikki & Mala xx

ps. one final justification for buying this palette – don’t think of it as £51. Think of it as £12.75 per blush. It’s actually a bargain!!!!



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