V’s husband isn’t VeryMakeupMad. In fact he isn’t makeup mad at all (unlike M’s husband who knows his beauty stuff and watches every one of our vlogs!) But he’s been married to V long enough to appreciate (and very occasionally indulge) her makeup passion. So when a recent trip to New York was scheduled in his work diary, V took the opportunity to request a certain gift – the fabulous, undeniably instagramable Natasha Denona Diamond & Blush palette that – until now…eeek! – she hadn’t been able to buy in the UK and had been lusting over for months.

There are two versions of this blush & highlighting palette – Citrus and Darya. Both contain 3 powder and 3 cream formulations and both were crying out to be owned by V. And M, to be honest, who as you know by now has a huge penchant for blush palettes. But her husband wasn’t going to America, so tough! (Poor M – and V doesn’t even like sharing! Watch video below for the full scoop…)

Ooh so exciting…gifts galore!

V thought she was being very clear when she asked her hubbie for the ‘Darya’, with its shimmering pinks, golds and rosy-coloured hues. Very V! When he returned home with the Sephora bag, she couldn’t contain her excitement and opened the palette with wild abandon. Turns out he’d not paid enough attention and had in fact bought her the ‘Citrus’ with it’s deep pink, bronze and sunny yellow shades – ‘festival makeup’, according to M! Not so V.

Swatches of Diamond & Blush Palette in Citrus

Never one to not try new makeup, (and with M assuring her that it would look better on than off) here is V having a go with Citrus…and she’s very happy with the results! This was probably one of our most fun vlogs to shoot…M still has a stitch from all the laughing! Click below…

And thanks to the great news that Natasha Denona is launching in Selfridges on May 10th (whoop whoop!) V may just find herself the proud owner of the Darya too! Sshhh, don’t tell her husband!

Love, Blush and VeryMakeupMad husbands,

Vikki & Mala xx

Poised and ready to hit Selfridges to check out the Darya palette…and the rest of the range!



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