In the words of our 11 year old sons, September was “legit”! Which is a good thing, apparently!! Because September saw us attending the Lookfantastic Global Premiere, which we can’t wait to fill you in on (more about that later). September also saw us blissfully child-free after a long, hot summer, and gave us the chance to concentrate on new beauty finds. So here they are – some of the products that really impressed us this month…

No Verymakupmad Beauty Hall exploration is complete without coffee & chocolate! It’s our not-so-very sophisticated Survival Kit!!


It wouldn’t be a Verymakeupmad month, without M discovering a new blusher. In September that blusher was the innovative Shiseido Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush, £32. This moussey, whipped-up little pot of pigmented blush honestly gives cheeks the most natural touch of colour for the ultimate ‘outdoorsy’ flush. You probably know by now that we favour cream blush over powder as the latter tends to sit in our lines and wrinkles and age us (sigh!). This Shiseido cream dries down to a soft powder, but without the ageing issue. It simply leaves you looking healthy and ‘glowing from within’ … and it couldn’t be easier to apply. Have a watch of the clip below to see how well it blends into the skin:


With M’s blusher sorted for the month, surely that meant that the pressure was on for V to discover a new shimmering pink lipgloss (remind her again… how many is too many??!!). She could definitely be heard “whooping” upon discovering that Burberry beauty had become available to buy on Lookfantastic in September and she wasted no time treating herself to the Kisses Gloss, £21. She went for shade ‘Pearl Rose’ – a bubblegum pink with the tiniest hint of shimmer, that feels gorgeous on the lips (and not at all sticky), and can be applied sparingly for a natural, dewy finish, or built up for a dazzling sheen. She may have countless dupes in her lipgloss drawer, but she has absolutely no regrets in adding this gloss to her collection.

The prettiest pink with the tiniest hint of shimmer

One of our favourite new products that landed at Verymakeupmad Towers this month was Vita Liberata Beauty Blur, £29.95 which has fast become a ‘must-have’ in our makeup bags. It’s a hydrating primer and ‘skin tone optimizer’, which basically means that it makes skin look incredibly flawless and provides the perfect base for your foundation (if you wear it, like V. M doesn’t, so she uses Beauty Blur on its own), while keeping skin soft and supple. We’ve found that our complexions are more even and our skin looks radiant when using Beauty Blur, plus the glow seems to last for hours and make up looks just as good at the end of the day, as it did when it was applied. Oh, and it’s organic too and free from any ‘nasties’. So we love it just a bit more…

Loving this for a flawless complexion

Last but not least, we’ve been lusting after MAC Dazzleshadow Liquid, £16.50. These sparkling liquid eyeshadows have been selling out up and down the country – and we can understand why! Unlike other sparkling liquid eyeshadows, the shimmery glitter doesn’t budge once applied and for a high-impact, evening look, a simple swipe across your lid, close to the lash line is all you need. Or you can apply over a powder eyeshadow for a more intense finish. Either way, dazzling eyes are guaranteed. But be quick… they’re not going to be around for much longer!

Dazzleshadows really are dazzling!

So that’s it for our September picks. Especially given that it’s now October and we’re going to be coming over all Halloween-y very soon (Mwah ha ha!!) But look out for our next post (coming this week) with the full lowdown on the “legit” Lookfantastic Premiere! We learnt, saw, sampled and discovered so much in the wonderful world of beauty. Our Verymakeupmad brains are buzzing!!

Love and “legit” makeup,

Vikki & Mala xx

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