Created for sensitive skins and a great choice for eczema sufferers – Pai means ‘Goodness’ and that equals simple, effective skincare for all!!

Not all skincare launches get us as inspired and excited as the recent Pai event did. We slurped on delicious smoothies at Detox Kitchen, got ourselves familiar with the brilliant products, and chatted with Pai founder, Sarah Brown. After years of suffering with hyper sensitive, irritated skin and being constantly let down by inefficient products, she didn’t give up…instead she launched her own beauty brand!!

Sensitive skin can strike anyone at any given time… stress, changes in hormones, illness etc. can all play a part in causing skin issues. We’re regularly asked to suggest skincare for ‘sensitive skin’, and from now on we’ll be recommending Pai. In fact, a couple of the products have already winged their way onto our new list of skincare heroes.

A great introduction to the brand is the “The Tool Kit” for sensitive skin, £40. A collection of 6, trial-sized, certified organic products (they’re ‘minis’, but they’re not that mini!) that will set you on a simple to follow, clean regime, that promises to get your skin “back on track”! Cleanse, calm and nourish your skin just in time for the new season… at VeryMakeupMad when we get just a whiff of colder weather in the air, our first thoughts are – ‘go forth and hydrate your skin, beauty lovers’! And with Pai you get a lot of moisture for your money plus products that soothe and rebalance delicate skin types.

Use the Rosehip Cleansing Oil to remove makeup without irritation and the Hydrating Cleanser to rebalance and soften the skin. If you’re a fan of double cleansing you’re gonna love these guys (of course, you can use them individually too, which we love to do). Also included in the kit is a double sided cleansing cloth, Eye Cream, Day Cream and not forgetting the ultimate multi tasker… Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil. This magical amber oil works on dryness, dullness, flaky patches, uneven skin tone and even scarring. When will a product make your bed and do the laundry too…?

Our personal picks of the rest of the range are the great, non-greasy, non-whitening “Hello Sunshine” SPF30 Sensitive Sunscreen, £32. It’s mineral-based and because it’s so light, it’s a great base under your  makeup. It’s tried and tested by our good selves and we love it!

We’ve also been really impressed with the Age Confidence Cream with Echium and Macadamia, £60, with its innovative packaging, gorgeous scent and luxurious texture. V has been slathering it on morning and night, and loves the fact that it doesn’t leave her skin shiny, but it’s rich enough to hydrate and keep it looking plump for hours.

Click here to watch us talking all about this great skincare brand, and you too can get a piece of the Pai!!

As ever, don’t forget to get in touch for bespoke product suggestions and to enquire about our consultancy service.

Love & Good Skin Days always,

Vikki & Mala xx

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