Hi and we’re back with our SUNDAY SKINCARE SURGERY👩‍⚕️👩‍⚕️!! This week we’re tackling dark circles and under eye puffiness. 👀 It’s an issue we’re frequently asked about @verymakeupmad and something we know many of you are concerned about. So here goes…

PUFFINESS – you can be genetically predisposed to having puffy bags under your eyes, but certain factors can also exacerbate them. Ageing doesn’t help (go figure!) as collagen production starts to decrease in your 30s. Fatigue, stress, allergies, alcohol, salty foods and dehydration can all cause bags too.

DARK CIRCLES – Again, dark circles are mostly inherited, so you’re either predisposed to them or not. Hyperpigmentation is another factor, most often from sun exposure, but lack of sleep, smoking, allergies and nasal congestion can all play a part too.

PRESCRIPTION: At Verymakeupmad we’re all about bringing you #beautysolutions We’d love to say all you need to do to eliminate dark circles and bags is to get a great night’s sleep every night, and to banish all stress from your life. But let’s face it, it’s far easier and more realistic to just grab one of these brilliant, tried and tested #eyeproducts.
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex, £46. We love the gel-cream texture of this potent treatment that offers long-lasting hydration and an immediate, soothing and reviving fix. And we’re super impressed with its ability to tackle dark circles and puffiness – use religiously and give it 3 weeks… we promise you’ll be amazed with the results.
Shangpree Ginseng Berry Eye Mask, £40 for 60 masks. These anti-ageing pads are infused with an antioxidant berry cocktail that soothe and smooth the eye area and are a great quick fix to use before a big night out… or even to re-energise the morning after the night before!

Hada Labo Tokyo Smoothing Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream, £14.95. We’ve been singing the praises of Hada Labo Tokyo a lot recently – and for good reason! This hyaluronic acid-based brand delivers great products at great prices. This eye cream works brilliantly at soothing and depuffing the eye area and hydrating it all day long.
Vitamasques Gold Eye Pads, £5.99 These are a fun way to deal with dark circles. They’re individual eye masks, infused with 24 karat gold and as well as looking very pretty, they work to brighten and firm the under eyes too. Polaar Icymagic Instant Eye Contour Multi Energiser, £29.50. We’re mad about this energising under-eye ‘magic wand’ that instantly depuffs and soothes the eye area and also works cumulatively to reduce dark circles. Try it – it’s a winner.

Please keep the #skincarequestions coming ( in next week’s surgery we’re bringing you the best spot treatments… for teens and beyond!! Have a great week and don’t forget to look out for our #midweekmakeup post on Wednesday!

Love V & M💄💋

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