Oh the joys of the school holidays! They’re the reason why we haven’t posted anything in the last few days. And why we’ve both noticed a few new grey hairs (‘Speak for yourself’, says M)! We’ve been desperate to write our latest blog and to try out products for you to read about, but the kids – 6 of them, between us – have other ideas. So parks, playgrounds and trips to the cinema it’s been…and continues to be. Don’t get us wrong, we love spending time with our offspring. We’d just rather do it in our favourite places, not theirs. Admittedly, we did drag our youngest two to Space NK last week, all in the name of research. And in a bid to (beauty) indoctrinate them. Although they just wanted to pose for pictures…

Anyway, we managed to quickly sneak away from them today to bring you this blog. But we’ve not got long! So, back to business & the aforementioned Space NK trip. In between attempts to keep two 6 year-old’s fingers out of blusher compacts, we checked out Emma Hardie’s brilliant skincare range (M is already a fan of the Brilliance Facial Oil, £35). M left with a sample of Protect & Prime, £46, and has been using it ever since. She thinks it’s fab. It’s basically a primer with SPF30. Super light and non-greasy, it glides onto skin and blurs imperfections and evens skin tone. And it sinks in very quickly, which is great for M, because she’s a speed-freak (V calls her ‘The Hurricane’). Yes, it’s expensive, but a little goes a long way & M is going to wear it for the entire summer – alone or with make-up over it. She insists her skin has never looked better. Her husband has also tried it and is threatening to purchase it for himself. V is leaving them to fight it out.

V, forever in pursuit of the perfect facial sunscreen, believes she’s also found a winner. Not one to forgo makeup on holiday (or a particularly sweltering London day), she always wears a tinted sunscreen while sunbathing as she hates looking pale and pasty. But more often than not, these tinted products which promise so much, fail her. She hates the greasy look they often create and their thick texture. Plus the shade is never quite right and they don’t ‘perfect’ her skin in the way foundations do. She just wants to look like she does at home – for her skin to look its best, safe in the knowledge that it’s properly protected. Enter CLE Cosmetics CCC Cream, £25. This lightweight, white cream, immediately transforms on application to match your own skin tone and gives the most flattering, radiant finish. V is very impressed. It instantly covered some areas of redness on her face and made her skin glow, without looking slathered in suncream. But with its SPF45 this most definitely is a suncream. Just a cutting edge one. This will definitely be her new holiday ‘secret weapon’. And she’s wearing it today too…



And for our last SPF find, we bring you Pixi Sun Mist, £18. An ingenious, light spray for the face and body that can easily be reapplied throughout the day. What we love most about it is that it can be spritzed over a fully made up face and wont ruin it at all. It’s not shiny and it dries very quickly. Very handy if you’ve got a summer wedding or important outdoors date coming up. V bought one last week on cultbeauty.co.uk, but it now seems to be out of stock. So be quick and join the waiting list, or have a look on another site (we love lookfantastic.com). It should be back in stock soon. Top Tip – shake well before use and for the 1st application, spray a few times elsewhere on the body before putting on the face, as initially it comes out white, not transparent. After 5 or 6 spritzes, you’re good to go.

Love, sunshine & crazy kids,

Our trusted Space NK helpers! Available to accompany any makeup fanatics on a shopping spree. A relaxing, calm experience is guaranteed (mwah ha ha ha 🤡)

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