Another week, another spot of beauty research! And after our recent, successful Selfridges haul, we were invited to a Dior ‘Backstage’ masterclass at Fenwick, showcasing the best of the Dior brand, plus some exciting new products. We’re already big fans of Dior, so didn’t need much convincing. And the glass of bubbly on offer also helped…

Dior Masterclass with a glass of champagne? Don’t mind if we do!

After being introduced to the totally decadent Capture Total DreamSkin Advanced – an eye watering £105, but this lightweight, priming cream does promise amazing, instant (and long term) results and flawless skin –  we were shown the Hydra Life Micellar Water, £27, which claims to quickly and efficiently remove all traces of makeup. It certainly smells delicious and feels fresh, but although it’s a no rinse formulation, we both felt that it left some residue on the skin that would bother us.

Next up, the Diorshow Maximiser 3D Plumping Lash Primer, £25.50. This clear mascara treats and conditions lashes and can be worn alone (for a very subtle, everyday result) or under your favourite mascara for amazing volume and length. You can apply it at bedtime to really give you the lashes of your dreams, but M reckons she’s going to give it to her 13- year old daughter as her ‘first mascara’.

A selection of Dior goodies

On the subject of Dior mascaras, V was once again left broken-hearted when a favourite product of hers was discontinued recently. Diorshow Extase was her failsafe mascara – the one she came back to time and time again. So in desperate need of a new one, she opted for Diorshow Black Out, £25.50, which promises to deliver maximum volume and intense, back colour. And it does. In spades. Only one, quick slick is needed for mega  lashes. The only downside is that despite her best efforts to remove it at night, there are always traces of it under her eyes in the morning. Panda eyes – not such a good look!

Clockwise from top left: Metalizer Eyes & Lips Creme Shadow in Platine Fusion; Diorblush in Rose Cherie; Diorshow Black Out Mascara

Anyway, back to the masterclass, and other notable products that have since made their way into our ever bulging makeup bags are the new, slightly sparkly and totally flattering Diorblush in Rose Cherie 756, £32.50 and the Metalizer Eyes & Lips Creme Shadow, £17. This creamy, metallic eyeshadow (we’re not convinced we’d wear it on our lips) melts into the skin and can also be used as a highlighter. Especially the shade Platine Fusion 528 – a gorgeous, honey beige colour. Finally, we both went mad over the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer, £25. Not a brand new product, but new to us. A light, pinky gloss formulation that’s infused with collagen to give you full, plumped up lips and shine. It tingles as it works its magic (although as M has discovered, after continuous use, you stop feeling it) and smells minty and fresh. It’s a winner.

Liquid Lipsticks from left-right: 999 Matte; Rock ‘n’ Metal; Scandalous Metal; Vibrant Metal

Before we left, we were given a sneak peek of the gorgeous, new Rouge Dior Liquid Lipsticks, £27.50, which come in matte, metal and satin finishes and which are super long-lasting. In fact, we’re still trying to get them off our lips now, several hours later! We should have treated ourselves to the Micellar Water after all…that would have done the trick! Oh well!

Love, kisses and Diormania,

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