Our beauty blogging journey started with a lightbulb moment in the middle of the Selfridges Beauty Hall (don’t all good ideas start there?!). Why not start a beauty blog? Because after all, we’re “VeryMakeupMad” (V, for Vikki, MM for Mala Moonbeam – yes, that really is her middle name! – and we’re both a little bit mad!). Thanks to our shared love of all things beauty and years of experience in the industry, it was a beauty no-brainer.

VeryMakeupMad is our “happy place”. We love beauty and we’re all about embracing and loving the skin we’re in (and we just can’t resist pretty makeup!) and imparting our knowledge to you. We review skincare and makeup with honesty and integrity, sharing what works and which products are best suited to which skin types. As far as we’re concerned, beauty will always be bespoke – everyone is unique and our advice and product suggestions are impartial and geared to your specific needs (so remember to throw us your queries for great Beauty Solutions.). This means different product strokes for different skincare folks – we don’t believe in ‘one cream suits all’ or that any one mascara is, “the best.” Let’s be honest we all have different and varied lashes, so we need to lengthen some and thicken others – beauty sense at all times! So what are you waiting for? Ask away….we’ll always find the best product for YOU!

It feels a little indulgent to be talking all about ourselves…but we’ve been winging our way onto your phones and iPads for a while now and don’t think we’ve ever properly introduced ourselves. So here we are… bare faced and ready to reveal all! We’re Mala (longer hair) and Vikki (shorter hair, obviously) and we live in North London. We’re both 42 (well, M is, but V is very nearly there!!) and we each have 3 kids (1 girl and 2 boys, coincidentally!). Oh, and M has a bonkers puppy, Bertie.

So now you know who’s who in our proverbial zoo… V has the piercingly pretty, blue eyes and M doesn’t (much to her disgust, as her mother has green eyes – it’s not fair!) Blue eyes aside, M trained as an actress at RADA and also as a professional makeup artist with YSL back in the 90’s. In fact, she was responsible for creating the looks for the ‘In Love Again’ and ‘Champagne’ campaigns. She also modelled for a variety of magazines (Marie Claire, Girl, J17…) and for brands including Tammy Girl, Bvlgari & La Senza.
As for V, she landed her dream job at Vogue magazine after graduating, and working her way up to become Beauty Editor… which also meant she was “holder of the keys” to the famed beauty cupboard. After Vogue, she moved to Brides as Beauty and Travel Editor and spent a wonderful few years focusing on inspirational bridal beauty and travelling the globe.

We met when our middle children were at nursery together (although it’s a wonder we never met years earlier at Vogue House, as M was often there for model castings and V was responsible for choosing the Brides models! V reckons she was away from her desk whenever M popped in to meet the team…awkward!!) We hit it off instantly – let’s face it, curly hair is always a good ice breaker and conversation starter – which is lucky really, seeing as we now spend too much time together…but all in the name of beauty research!

For two reserved Brits, who don’t like talking about ourselves, we’ve probably said enough…for the time being!! But now that we’ve started down memory lane, there’s definitely another post in the pipeline…

Looking forward to receiving your beauty questions and we’ll get back to you with bespoke suggestions, quicker than you can say “VeryMakeupMad’. And check out our Consultancy page too for more of what we offer!

Love & Beauty Solutions,

Mala & Vikki xx


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