We love receiving your beauty queries! At VeryMakeupMad, we’re all about giving bespoke advice and we love talking beauty… sometimes it’s hard to shut us up! So we thought it was high time we published some of the questions we’ve received recently (anonymously, of course) and share the answers with you all!!

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Q: I feel like I’ve tried every mascara on the market, but nothing seems to work. I’ve got sensitive eyes so generally mascaras make them water and feel uncomfortable. I just want a ‘wow’ mascara to make my lashes look full and long, but not sore or irritated. Oh, and a waterproof option too please, as I swim lots!

A: It’s a mascara minefield out there! So many to choose from, and new ones being launched practically every week! Plus it’s such a personal matter… what one mascara wearer loves, another may loathe. We both have our favourites – V loves Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara, £26, for its natural, but impressive lengthening effects, and M’s mad about Illamasqua Mascara Raven, £20 – it’s her everyday go-to mascara with its jet-black, inky formula that lengthens and defines lashes. For weekend ‘pow’ (yes, that is a thing) M goes for BeneFit They’re Real, from £11, to give extra length and the false lash look. When it comes to sensitivity, two that we regularly recommend to avoid any issues are Clinique High Impact Mascara, £18, and Lancome Hypnose Volume-A-Porter, £25.50. And as for waterproof… you can’t beat Eyeko Waterproof Yoga Mascara. We’ve tested it and it’s 100% swimming pool proof! Plus it doesn’t irritate eyes. The only problem you may have is in removing it… so get yourself a bottle of the brilliant Clinique Take The Day Off Lids, Lashes & Lips, £17.

Q: I want to add vitamin C to my skincare routine as I keep reading it’s great for anti-ageing. But what are the best products to try?

A: We both use a vitamin C product topically on a daily basis, and can honestly say we’ve seen a huge improvement in our skin tone and texture since doing so. Plus our skin looks brighter and clearer, not to mention younger. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that boosts collagen production, improves signs of sun damage (even tackling fine lines and wrinkles) and protects against further environmental damage. Use sparingly though and always apply under your moisturiser and make sure you’re wearing sunscreen too. Our top picks are Lumene Nordic C Glow Boost Essence, £23.92, which is a silky serum that also contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump skin. Paula’s Choice C15 Super Booster, £45, is a liquid formula with ferulic acid which boosts the efficacy of vitamin C and helps to keep it stabilised. Omorovicza Daily Vitamin C, £87, is a luxury option but a little goes a long way (only a small amount is needed) and we love the rich, creamy formula. Finally, we’re still loving SVR Hydracid C50 Mask, £30, which foams up into a mousse and provides a 15-minute brightening and radiance boost for the skin, or can be worn overnight for the ultimate anti-ageing treat.

Q: Can we talk concealers? I’m looking for one that’s heavy enough to cover my dark circles and spots, but still want it light enough to not sit in my lines and wrinkles which I think makes me look even older than I am (44!)

A: M has long been a fan of YSL Touche Eclat, £25, having worked for the brand in the noughties, and continuing to love the concealing and brightening effects of this miracle wand. And V in turn, ever an Estee Lauder devotee, has recently discovered BB Brush on Glow, £25, which is Lauder’s take on Touche Eclat, but which she prefers for its light-as-air formula and the way it works on her pale skin. Both wands are actually highlighters, as opposed to concealers, however, thanks to photo-optic technology, and light-reflecting pigments they conceal darkness and shadows and blur any imperfections. But if you’re after more coverage, try YSL’s new Touche Eclat High Cover Concealer, £26, which is still super light and radiant like the original (and therefore will not sit in lines and wrinkles) but with a higher coverage to tackle dark circles, blemishes and pigmentation head-on!

Q: On your recommendation, I treated myself to Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel pads and I absolutely love them! My only issue is that they’re so pricey and I’m not sure I can justify buying them again. Can you suggest any alternatives?

A: We’re so glad you love these pre-soaked pads as much as we do. They really are brilliant at tackling enlarged pores, dark spots, blemishes and signs of ageing, thanks to the gentle, but exfoliating acids they contain. After use, skin is glowy, bright, baby-soft and refined (if not a little red and tingly for a while! And if using in the morning, rather than at night, ALWAYS follow with a sunscreen). But we agree they’re very expensive (£87 for 30) and we have a couple of ways in which to deal with this. Firstly, don’t forget you can use our 20% off code – VERYMAKEUPMAD20 – which brings them down to £69.60. Still on the expensive side, but ‘every little helps’! Also, despite the name suggesting so, we never use them daily. Once a week is perfectly fine for us. And as a final, money-saving tip, we cut the pads in half, which means each pack has double the use (We love to save you money on luxury beauty, as and when we can!)
Some other ‘at home peel’ products (that all contain acids to gently refine and exfoliate the skin) without the Dr Dennis Gross price tag, are Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads, a steal at £9.07, and brilliant at smoothing and refining skin, and Filorga Oxygen Peel, £20. This is a rehydrating liquid toner that brightens and evens the complexion and stimulates oxygen in the skin’s cells to refine pores and skin texture. Plus we’re not afraid to admit that we’re suckers for a gimmick and we love the press-down pump action design!

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